2018 Sponsors

Whatever your ultimate goals are for participating in the OSHA Safety & Health Conference, we’ve got you covered for maximum exposure at any budget.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, contact our team to create a custom opportunity that no other company at the event will have. We’ll put something together that caters to your company’s needs.

Title Sponsors


Exclusive sponsorships will put your company front and center at the conference. You will receive the most exposure for your investment.


Perhaps you relate better to precious metals as a status symbol. We’ve got something for you! With these opportunities, the exclusivity increases with level of investment. But any budget will do – pick your level today!


It’s all about connecting with the right individuals. Don’t know where to find them? Bring them to you. By hosting any of the following events, you have face-to-face access with the decision-makers at the event. Tip: This role is not for the shy; be sure to put your go-getter in charge onsite.


If you want to make sure attendees find your booth, give them a reason to go there.


Your company may want to be associated with industry thought leaders. Align yourself with the Conference Program and all the education and knowledge coming from it throughout the week. We have 8 tracks – find one that best fits your company profile and endorse it through the conference.

DATA COLLECTION (w/Exclusive Option)

If you’re into collecting email addresses from attendees, you may want to consider the Exclusive Option with the Wireless Sponsor opportunity. Otherwise, it’s still a solid branding strategy.


Your marketing strategy may revolve around getting the brand out there in all shapes and sizes. Any of these sponsorships will do that and some provide extras that the attendees will appreciate.